Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not So Fun

Every mother collectively sings: "A-ha!!!! Welcome to the club!"

Karsie has been a little pill this afternoon. She had a fairly good night and a good morning. We took her to church for the first time, we came home for a bit, and went out to Chipotle for lunch followed by a trip to target. Michelle used her Moby wrap, which she found a great position for her, and Karsie went right out.

Then we got home..... and oh the horror!

She started her screaming that we have come to think means hunger. So we tried to feed her. Didn't work. So we tried to wrap her up...didn't work. We changed her luck. We had to feed her anyway, so we hooked her up to the pump. She screamed harder. So much so that it sounded like noises from The Exorcist. We were waiting for the green spewing. We tried to put her down...nope. We put her in the swing...that actually worked...for about 5 min. Then she realized she wasn't screaming and screamed some more. We finally found something that worked. Walking with her while carrying her and her feeding tube. We thought "oooh...she's out...let's try and put her down." She sniffed out that trick right away and began screaming once more. We are finally, after hours of screaming, not trying to console her. Michelle wrapped her up real tight and held her on the bed. They both, after a lot of work, fell asleep. This could be a good restful night for us, or it could just be a preview for tonight.

Either way...not so fun!