Thursday, October 29, 2009

Afternoon Update (10-29)

No one seems to terribly concerned with the brown residual but it did keep Karsie from coming home tomorrow. They started her back up on pedialyte and we will start this process all over. It was good that they stopped it, but the surgeon said that she needs to keep her bowel functioning. Unless she throws up more than her normal she will come home when they get her to full feeds, which at this point looks like Sunday or Monday. The brown residual was probably dried blood which may have come from putting in her ng tube that night or from something else, but she continues to poop which means things are going through. I guess we just wait and see...

NICU Stay Extended

We were about a day away from bringing Karsie home when we got a call from one of her nurse practitioners saying that they were pulling up brown residuals from her stomach.  We're not sure what this means and what the residuals are, but they stopped the feeding.  We're not sure if they have a plan, but we will have to go through the introducing food to Karsie all over again once they figure out what's going on.  We of course understand the need to stop feeding, but we were so close to having her back and, to be honest, this is really starting to wear on us.  We are going to wait for our surgeon who may or may not be in today to talk to us about the plan, but for now we just have to be patient which is not something we are good at in such an uncomfortable environment.  We should know more later on today.