Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kevin's Top Ten

Things I'm looking forward to:

10.  Getting a weekend where I don't have to drive ANYWHERE.
9.  Walking a few steps to check on our baby instead of driving 20 min. (after the 5 hour drive)
8.  Getting to see Karsie between the times of 6:30 and 8:00.
7.  Not having to wait for a phone call at 11:00 p.m. to get an update.
6.  Seeing Karsie on a Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday.
5.  Not hearing bells, sirens, alarms, etc. 
4.  Not having to feel like I need to hush people talking too loud around my daughter when she is trying to sleep without feeling like it's not my place.
3.  Spending time with my girls without anyone else around once in a while.
2.  Getting to take off my hospital band.
1.  Having grandma, aunts, uncles, godparents, adopted aunts and uncles, friends and relatives able to see Karsie when they want to.

Michelle's Top 10

Day 74... we are on day 74 of Karsie's life.
She has endured 74 days in the NICU... with all the surgeries and tests and fear and strangers and medicines and shots and noises involved.
We have endured 74 days of parenting in the NICU... with all the stress and fear and commuting and nurses (mostly good) and doctors (also, mostly good) and information overload and time apart and waiting involved.
In these 74 days, we have changed her diapers and bottle/breast fed her approximately as many times as the average parent does within the first 3 days of life.
The average NICU stay of a premie with similar gestational age and weight is between 10-35 days. Karsie has doubled the high end of average... and lasted seven times the low end. We knew that we were in for a long stay even before she was born and we feel so blessed that she is on track to be home far before the doctors expected. However, the closer she gets to coming home, the more patience we feel we have to exercise. It is hard to see her daily progress and then have to leave the hospital without her.
Therefore (to help me focus on the positive), here are 10 things I am looking forward to when we get to bring Karsie home!

10. Getting to make our doctors appointments at a time that works for us (and actually taking Karsie to the doctor, instead of us going to visit Karsie at the doctors).
9. Not worrying that I will offend the nurse if I ask her to do something a different way.
8. The idea that someday, I might be able to retire the breastpump.
7. Nursing somewhere other than the NICU (like the rockers on my parents balcony).
6. Retiring a small amount of my germ-a-phobia that comes with the nasty hospital.
5. Going out in public without worrying about how long until I have until I have to pump again.
4. Not having to ask the nurse if she pooped yet today.
3. Not having to coordinate all the wires when I want to hold my girl.
2. Having all our friends and family meet the little miracle they have been praying for.
1. Being a family, all together, at home, alone.

Thanks for all your prayers and support... they really do help us get through this all.