Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surgeon Report

Dr. Saenz came by and asked a few questions and looked at her. He said that the bowel still feels real soft and her pooping is a real good sign, so there's hope for good news. However, as he would with any patient that had once had an abdominal defect, he is going to keep her for 12 hours or so and evaluate her. They are going to stick a bigger tube into her stomach and deflating everything. They will watch it for this time to see what's happening.

We're hoping that she just caught a small stomach virus that they will catch and clear up, which is a possibility Dr. Saenz brought up.

NICU Again

All signs are pointing to a possible bowel obstruction. The x-ray showed enough to be concerned with but we were told that the x-ray is one of the lower levels of sight, so it's possible it's not an obstruction.

However, Dr. Saenz, who happens to be on call, is seeing us and he's in surgery so we are being admitted to the NICU until they solve the problem and are able to fully evaluate her.


Luckily we didn't have to wait in the waiting room with all the sick, flu-infested kids. They all seem to be interested in keeping Karsie away from possible germs. That being said we are still waiting.

We were called in to triage and then let back out. We then were called back and given an observation room (temporary room) and they ordered an x-ray. The first order of business is to rule out a bowel obstruction. Other than the throwing up there have been no signs of this, but nevertheless we are worried about that. That was the reason we went in today and didn't wait until tomorrow.

We're not sure what the next step is, but we figure there will be blood work involved (assuming there is no obstruction).

Back to the Hospital

Once again we covet prayers.  Karsie has not stopped spitting up today.  We don't think she has taken much if any of her feeds.  All of which have been by feeding tube today as she has been refusing any oral feeding.  She is starting to throw up without much in her stomach which causes the heaving.  She is very uncomfortable.  Normally we would feel real bad and wait it out, but since she has Pinky to deal with we are going into the Children's Hospital emergency room to check her out.  Hopefully we will have some answers soon.  She's just not right...

Long Days

It has been a rough couple of days for Karsie.  She has been spitting up more frequently and is a bit more uncomfortable than we have seen her.  We think her schedule changed a bit yesterday (Saturday) as she was completely zonked until the afternoon.  Then she behaved a bit like she usually does in the morning.  She also was awake much later last night than she usually is.  We're not sure why that is after having such a good day the day before, but we are trying to fix the schedule issue.

We have also noticed that her spitting up is more frequent when we feed her by the tube.  When she is hungry she eats quite well and she hardly ever spits up.  However, if she is not hungry then she does not take the food orally, which means we give her the rest by tube, and she frequently spits up.  We are on the cusp of calling the doctor just to play it safe.  We're not concerned with an obstruction yet as there are not many indicators other than the spit up, but we are pretty sure there is movement in the bowel/stomach area as the shape has changed just slightly.  It could also be moving back into her body which would create some discomfort.  

Hopefully Karsie will pull through this soon so she can get back to improving her eating so she doesn't have to be tube fed.