Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surgeon Report

Dr. Saenz came by and asked a few questions and looked at her. He said that the bowel still feels real soft and her pooping is a real good sign, so there's hope for good news. However, as he would with any patient that had once had an abdominal defect, he is going to keep her for 12 hours or so and evaluate her. They are going to stick a bigger tube into her stomach and deflating everything. They will watch it for this time to see what's happening.

We're hoping that she just caught a small stomach virus that they will catch and clear up, which is a possibility Dr. Saenz brought up.


  1. Hi, first let me start by saying that I will be praying really hard for you guys once again. You an dyour family are often in my thouhgts. I also wanted to ask if there is anything you guys might need. I do not live close but I would love to send a girt card to walmart, or gas or anything you might need. If you have a specific need please let me know and also information on where I could send it. Thank you and I hope things start looking up again for miss Karsie!

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad Dr. Saenz is the one on call! You didn't happen to luck out and get one of your usual nurses, did you?

    Sorry it's gonna be a long night at the NICU. :( You've/we've been there before... and I was hoping there wouldn't be any more all-nighters at the NICU!

    We're praying hard and hoping that it's nothing as serious as an obstruction. Love you all!

  3. Wish we were there to help wait this out with you guys. Bakersfield is just too far away. :( SO sorry but I will be praying for you all through the night. Sounds like it has been an awfully long/rough day for you guys. I am with Kelli in hoping that you guys got a regular nurse in the NICU. Glad Saenz was there to check her out. Love you guys!