Monday, July 20, 2009

Karsie Holds Kevin's Hand

Grandpa Gets in Too

Karsie's blood pressure went down when Grandpa prayed with her. We know who she's going to when she wants something.

Test Results

Two good, one concerning.

They did a brain ultrasound (measuring blood in the brain), an EEG (measures seizures and brainwaves), and an echo cardiogram (heart ultrasound) today. Both of the ultrasounds came back basically normal. There is no bleeding in the brain and her heart looks fairly normal. (I say fairly because the technician said that they didn't see anything abnormal, but the doctor hasn't confirmed it yet...but I trust the techs).

The EEG came back abnormal. Unfortunately that's all the information that was given to me in a sit-down meeting behind closed doors (which was terrifying) and she tried to explain it, but it was basically prefaced by "The neurologist will explain more what his report 'abnormal' meant." So, that's just enough information to have us worry until we talk to the neurologist.

The good news is that they are not seeing Karsie seize at all, so it is very mild if she is, and while the report said abnormal they did not order any immediate medicine for her, so it may be something that will hopefully correct itself in time. This is not the best news obviously, but we can't say we're surprised given she was lacking sufficient blood to her brain her first part of life. So again, if some of you need specific areas to pray for, pray that whatever is happening to her brain or happened to her brain is not going to be long term and will correct itself rather quickly.

Nana Gets to See Karsie

Thank you Dr. Knight. Enough said.

Update (7-20)

Things are still going fairly well. Karsie had a busy morning this morning as she had two tests on her brain (to measure her brain...not actually on it), they did a thorough assessment where they touch her and poke her, and she got a little mad, but she is still stable. They are continually weening her off of the ventilator and she is doing some breathing on her own.

One thing that I don't remember if I mentioned was that the day she was delivered her lung collapsed so a chest tube was inserted. They are probably going to remove that today as they have already clamped it off and she is doing fine without it.

She is getting a bit puffy because of her surgery recovery, and so her bandages around Bob are starting to restrict her body a bit, so a little later today the surgeon will probably redress those, which is a pretty delicate situation.

Boring news is good news so far. She is starting to really move since her paralysis medicine has been taken off, and obviously her eyes are starting to open and close a bit. We will update more when we know more.