Monday, July 20, 2009

Test Results

Two good, one concerning.

They did a brain ultrasound (measuring blood in the brain), an EEG (measures seizures and brainwaves), and an echo cardiogram (heart ultrasound) today. Both of the ultrasounds came back basically normal. There is no bleeding in the brain and her heart looks fairly normal. (I say fairly because the technician said that they didn't see anything abnormal, but the doctor hasn't confirmed it yet...but I trust the techs).

The EEG came back abnormal. Unfortunately that's all the information that was given to me in a sit-down meeting behind closed doors (which was terrifying) and she tried to explain it, but it was basically prefaced by "The neurologist will explain more what his report 'abnormal' meant." So, that's just enough information to have us worry until we talk to the neurologist.

The good news is that they are not seeing Karsie seize at all, so it is very mild if she is, and while the report said abnormal they did not order any immediate medicine for her, so it may be something that will hopefully correct itself in time. This is not the best news obviously, but we can't say we're surprised given she was lacking sufficient blood to her brain her first part of life. So again, if some of you need specific areas to pray for, pray that whatever is happening to her brain or happened to her brain is not going to be long term and will correct itself rather quickly.


  1. we paryed for you guys tonight at the womans bible study! we will definately be praying specificly for that tonight!

  2. You are right, it is not surprising Karsie would have an abnormal EEG as she went through significant trauma in her first hour of life.
    And this is a very good, specific thing to be able to pray to correct.
    Karsie's brain is still growing and developing, and can correct some trauma by developing new pathways, if old ones were damaged.
    The most significant indicator of how well a baby's brain develops or overcomes insults, is how much love and attention she eventually recieves with her parents.
    She is already recieving a lot of love and attention from her parents, so the healing is already underway.
    Deep sleep and rest also helps her brain to heal, grow and develop. So do not stimulate her when she is trying to sleep. Allow her rest.
    Love on her when she is awake and accepting of your love.
    She was designed to be inside and doing nothing and recieving very little stimulation at this point, so at this point - rest is best.
    As she gets older, she will be more able to accept loving stimulation to teach her brain.
    You will be instructed in all of this as you go along.
    As yet, the staff are focused on keeping her stable physiologically. Her gases, her lab values, her blood pressure and so on. Her body has to be working in order for her brain to work.
    So, first things first.
    Take note that she will need extra attention to compensate for any insult to her brain, then be very encouraged that she has the capacity to compensate a great deal!
    (I have a friend who went through preemie brain insults, and who cannot spell for love nor money, but is in every other way, fabulous!)
    So, love her and be very encouraged, even if she has some abnormal brain tests for now.
    Love to all, Jen.