Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More News

First of all, Kevin was given a wonderful gift and surprise celebration for Karsie by his work staff. They all pitched in to get Karsie a little gift...and she LOVES it. Kevin put it together in the afternoon and she stayed in it for hours and was upset when she had to get out.

Karsie had a doctor's appointment today, which was unexpected. Like we said before, she has been coughing a lot and we've been needing to be attentive to it. A couple of nights ago we went into urgent care because of it. It was not really an emergency, but it was something we needed to have a doctor look at fairly soon and the offices were closed (how dare they?), so we took her in because she couldn't stop coughing. Turns out everything's fine and her lungs are great, but her vocal cords were swollen and were irritating her. She was fast tracked at urgent care and given a breathing treatment to help the swelling. So, no biggy, but we're still watching it. Darn croup.

Because of that, Karsie sounds funny. She's totally happy, but has that raspy voice like she's in the mafia or something. When she giggles it's hilarious! So back to the doctor's appointment...

We went in to check up on her today as we wanted Dr. Suen to look at her. Have we mentioned we love him? The son. Well, we like the dad too, but we see the son. Karsie loves Dr. Suen. She stares at him and makes him giggle at her. We think he likes her a lot...who wouldn't? She checked in at 17 lbs. 4 oz! Woohoo! She's getting close to that sitting up car seat. She may not have to wait until she's 21 after all. She also checked in at 27 inches long.

Other news: We had to change her G-Tube today, which was not fun at all. She has a pressure sore, which we and the doctors knew about, that was aggravated during the change and bled a bit. It wasn't a fun thing to see even though we were expecting it. It's not a fun sight to change the tube either. First of all, Karsie was full. We have to deflate the balloon keeping her tube in, take it out and quickly put the new one back in. During this transition, all the food in her stomach came out and we could see/feel her stomach deflate in that short amount of time. Gross! Anyhow, we got the new one back in and all is well in the land of Turner.

We'll say this for her: She keeps us on our toes!