Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diabetes Appointment

Bad news: Michelle is technically diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Good news: She tested so marginally that it is managable with diet and exercise. We sat down with the counselor and she gave us the lowdown with diet, but we also got a little finger pricking kit. Lucky Michelle! No real news other than that on the diabetes side.

We were able to snag our doctor and ask him about the negative test results from yesterday. Basically, we will be closely monitoring Karsie to make sure she is staying put but other than that everything looks okay. What the test says is tha Karsie won't be coming this week, but other than that we don't know.

Check back for updates.


It's a good thing that our doctors know that news like this consumes their patients because they decided to call us before we came in for our appointment.  Long story short...actually, it's not a long story at all...the results are negative.  This means that Karsie is almost definitely NOT coming in the next 7 days, which is good news obviously.  

We are also happy for the good news early because we think Michelle has been having sympathy contractions lately.  We think she had two last night (1:11 am, 2:42 am) but Karsie could have just been pulling.  

Thank you all so much for the prayer blitz!  You have no idea how comforted that made us to know that we have such great support.  We still need prayer as the news is good for 7 days, but we are still cautious of the contractions.  We will keep you posted...more to come around noon or so today.