Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rough Night

At around 4:00 a.m. Karsie stopped handling her feeding. We had to stop her food and give her about an hour and a half break. We've been feeding her pedialyte and will start introducing her food back into it here slowly. We called the hospital and they said we did the right thing. What this means is we're going to have to split up for the week and keep Karsie here just in case she needs an IV. It was rough for Karsie but rough for us emotionally too. This roller coaster ride didn't end in the NICU (but we wish it would have). The good news is that she has been happy and tolerating her food since we vented and fed her pedialyte.

Photos from Karsie's 4th Hospital Stay (She's Home Now)

Here are a few photos. We didn't take a ton of pictures, so these are all within a few days, but we got some.
This is our only Bakersfield photo. She got to ride in an ambulance from here to San Diego. They strapped her into a gurney and she rode in her car seat. That was a very long night.
Karsie didn't like a lot of things about this trip, but she especially didn't like the cast that they put on her left arm to keep her from pulling out her IV lines.
We put this picture up for all our friends that watch How I Met Your Mother. We don't watch it hardly at all, but we did see the episode where Barney doesn't take a bad picture. Karsie is very much is like that. Just before we snapped this, she was SCREAMING her head off. Just as we clicked she looked up and made this face. Priceless.
Here's a more realistic photo of Karsie's feelings about the hospital stay.
Karsie had a pretty nasty tumble onto the side rail of the hospital bed. We had to put up the picture of her goose egg. It looked pretty bad for like 10 minutes. Then it went away quickly. Kids are resilient.
Later in the week, Karsie started to feel better and take pictures like these.
Discharge day. Karsie was obviously feeling well enough to tackle Mom's burrito during her morning read.

She's home now and doing fairly well considering. They sent us home on continuous feed, so it's our job to start condensing again. We didn't ever get to go to our other two appointments that were supposed to be this week, but we got the one surgical appointment down, even though it didn't produce the best of news. Oh well, we know what it's like to wait. Thank you for all the prayers and support.