Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Funny

We had to post this tonight because it was so hilarious!  We went in to visit tonight and she was sleeping like a little trooper, but her diaper needed to be changed and her temperature needed to be taken, so we had to wake her up. In doing this we made her a tad angry and she fussed a bit. However, for some reason, when we lifted her up like this she totally calmed down and kind of liked being in this awkward position. She went to sleep like this.  We laughed so hard at this and made Ruth take a picture.  (We edited her private parts so she wouldn't hate us in the in case you're concerned feel safe knowing that they're still there).

Pre-Delivery Pic of the Day

This picture was taken just before they wheeled Michelle off to surgery.  This was a "let's take the final picture of us just the two of us" type of picture.  Michelle convinced the doctor to let her take a quick shower just before...that's why she has wet pigtails.

Update (8-12)

Karsie is still looking good.  We're on a bit of an upswing here which makes us a little cautious. Her food has been increased to 1.5 mL every hour increased from 1 mL every hour.  She's pooping a little more frequently, so that's great!  

Her breathing is still a little fast, so the doctors have still not taken the CPAP off, but it looks like in the next day or two it will come out and she will be put on nasal cannula.  

We did talk to the nurse practitioner and the surgeon today and none of them are under the impression that the holding was the cause of the ripping of the stitches.  They both, in fact, said that they are not sure what caused it, but the holding certainly wasn't the leading cause and didn't make a tremendous amount of difference even if it did have a slight impact (paraphrased).  We didn't see the doctor that told us originally that the holding was the cause, but we feel much better knowing that the rest of the staff is not under that impression. However, it does seem that they are continuing to withhold the holding for a while just to play it safe, which we are okay with, but only getting to hold her twice (or once in Kevin's case) is just a big tease.  Hopefully her granulation will heal up even faster than it is so we can get back to holding her.  So far it's doing well and she has not ripped any more stitches.  We took a look at it today and the unripped stitches look very snug.