Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lonely Day (Pics of Pinky)

Today Kevin went back home to rest more and try to keep the rest of us from getting sick. We really didn't get to spend much time together as Thursday we were in meetings most of the day and then he got sick Thursday night and moved into the other bedroom until this morning.
As a result of the illness, Karsie has not had much in the lines of visitors today. Michelle went out for a very short visit this afternoon to take some more milk to the hospital. Michelle doesn't feel sick but we are being extra careful not to give Karsie any germs! Grandma and Grandpa are staying home too just to be safe.
However, despite the lack of visitors, Karsie is having a good day. She took her bottles last night and today pretty well. At 9pm last night she ate 15mL, at 3am she ate another 15mL and then this morning at 9am she ate 30mL!! Pinky looks good. Michelle changed the way it is wrapped just a tad to give her skin a rest from all the tape on her sides. Instead of the Morgan Straps (big tape pieces) she gets wrapped with something similar to an ace bandage to hold the foam in place. This is allowing her skin to breath a little more and is probably much more comfortable than having tape halfway across her back. She lost a little weight last night and is down to 3.21. Hopefully that was just after a big wet diaper and today will even out a little more. According to the nurse, Karsie spent most of the day awake and alert. She watched a little Nature Baby video and spent a good chunk of the day looking at her mobile. It is really hard for Michelle to stay home knowing how awake she has been today. Hopefully tomorrow, if Michelle still feels well, she will get to visit more.
Here you can see the giant tape pieces that hold the foam stable. Those have been removed and the sides are now being supported with a gauze wrap. The straps might return, but for now we are giving her skin a rest.
Here is what Karsie sees of Pinky. The granulation tissue looks amazing!
This is a side view, and you can see how far up the skin/granulation tissue has grown.
A view of Karsie's face... only one tube left (her feeding tube). Hopefully within a week or so that will be gone!