Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vanishing Patch (Graphic Pictures)

We just got it in under the wire, but as promised, here are her progression pictures. It looks much more gruesome than it really is, but this is the skin that needs to produce layers to eventually become her skin. Once this happens, she will be able to come home, provided her feeding and breathing are up to par. A little update: She was doing wonderful today. There was some spit up earlier, but they decided not to do anything about it since it was only that one time (and babies spit up) and also since it looked pretty digested, so her body is working. Plus, she is pooping regularly. Tonight we left her at 22% O2 (21% is room air) and her heart rate was down lower than we have seen it in a long time. She likes it when Amy is with her. Kevin has to go back tomorrow, but he had a good couple of visits while he was here. Now, without further delays, we present the Vanishing Patch:

This is Karsie's "birds eye" view. This is the only part of the patch that is still on the sides. As you can see her stitches are holding nicely, but at this point there isn't much need for them.
This is Karsie's right side. You can see the progression of skin changes as you go up from the bottom. All of that is healing the way it needs to. The black spot at the top has not been officially identified, but if you remember the pictures of the siloh from the beginning of her life, her liver had black spots on the top where they cauterized it, so we are fairly certain that is what is causing the darker areas.
This is, by far, the most telling picture of the amount of skin she has grown. Again, it looks like a bad scrape that is healing, but trust us, it looks better than this. It is pinker than the camera gives, but even so, she has covered her organs with her own "skin" so that's amazing. Michelle's hand is holding the diaper, but she actually was the one who pulled off the dressing. She's like a third nurse.