Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Post November

Well...yes. We have been lazy. Just to get that out of the way.

We actually have a bit of stuff to talk about, but there always seems to be something that keeps us from posting when we sit down to do it. So, as not to overwhelm us, we will split out topics of discussion up. Here are our topics we will cover:

1. Karsie's terrible 2's coming early
2. Karsie's G.I. and swallow study
3. Update on development
4. Thanksgiving

Maybe that way we will get the posts done. Sorry.


So, we have a two year old. Not in age, but in mentality. To be clear, she is still wonderful and she's really not that bad, but she has hit the stage. She loves throwing tantrums now at certain times when she doesn't get her way. They do not include throwing herself on the floor yet, but it does include fussing and stomping her feet while standing up. She also has started having an agenda for what she wants to do, and we all must cater to that agenda. Who ever said that the terrible 2's start at 2?