Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ode to the Ta-Tas

I have received questions regarding my pumping and milk supply... so I thought I would share with you a few pictures in response.

Micro-fridge (freezer) at my parents house:

Deep Freezer at our house:

Deep Freezer at my parents house (plus one bag in the door):

I have been blessed with good supply and space to hold lots of milk!
We have used the milk pumped from July until September... so this milk is mid September through now. If I am unable to use it quick enough on Karsie, I will look into donating some of it so it doesn't go to waste.
So... for all you nursing mom's who wonder just how much milk you are producing... there you have it!

Drool, Drool Everywhere!

And the drooling has started! We still haven't seen any teeth under the gums yet... but we know they are moving around in there. She is gnawing on EVERYTHING and the drooling has begun!
Also, Karsie is getting lots of practice sitting in her big girl seat! Although, yesterday at our meeting with OT, we learned some better ways to help her develop those sitting muscles.