Saturday, January 9, 2010

Drool, Drool Everywhere!

And the drooling has started! We still haven't seen any teeth under the gums yet... but we know they are moving around in there. She is gnawing on EVERYTHING and the drooling has begun!
Also, Karsie is getting lots of practice sitting in her big girl seat! Although, yesterday at our meeting with OT, we learned some better ways to help her develop those sitting muscles.


  1. Well God bless drool!
    How wonderful!
    I am off to the UK, so tell Karsie to be good and keep on getting fat & strong till I can check in again.
    Giver her a kiss from me!
    And kisses to all the big people too.
    Love, Jen.

  2. Ahh I remember the drool! We had to keep a bib on Madi at all time!

  3. OMG... she looks SO cute sitting up! I'm glad she's feeling better!

    Hugs - Tiff

  4. Be prepared - ours is 9 months, and has been drooling since 4 months old - and he's JUST beginning to cut his first tooth... :)

    Allison N

  5. Oh Karsie is just getting cuter and chubbier by the minute...what a doll!!

  6. Karsie looks so good! We never had the chance to properly meet at the hospital but we were in the NICU with you guys. I wasn't feeling very social during our stay there, as you can imagine. Our son Travis was Karsie's neighbor on the B side (we were in the corner bed by the isolation room). I heard you mentioned your blog one day and checked it out. I've been following it since and I pray for Karsie (and you both) all the time! -Nicole DiCarlo (