Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank You Auntie Becky!

We love these pictures that Karsie's Auntie Becky took on her last day taking care of her until next year. Sorry we stole them - we'll pay for rights later. It's always such a relief to know that your child is taken care of by someone you trust when you are not around. That was every day Michelle had to go into work. What was a hard thing (leaving Karsie) was made so much easier day after day knowing we were leaving her with someone who loves Karsie and protects her almost as much as her own child. Thank you Becky!

Michelle worked her last day of work today. Kevin's done on Friday and then starts a pretty crazy week of appointments and such. We've got a G.I. appointment, a neurology appointment, and a OT followup to do all in the span of three days. Should provide interesting information.

We may have a video up soon of Karsie either walking or crawling. She's really showing an interest and learning the mechanics, so it may be soon (by soon it could be months, but she's working on it). Good luck Karsie!