Thursday, April 8, 2010

Plastic Surgeon

So Dr. Gosman came by and looked at Karsie. For what it's worth, we love her too! Not only is she a wonderful surgeon by credential (because we haven't experienced her work firsthand yet) she really took the time to talk with us about Karsie and such. She was really impressed with how much she has grown. However, it still looks like Karsie is too small for the expanders any time soon. The space between her hip bone and the bottom of the rib cage is too small for anything yet, so we are to schedule another appointment in about 6 months for her to look her over. Even then might be too soon. We also learned that this will probably be a staged surgery where they put in small expanders for a few months, then bigger ones, then bigger ones, and so on and so forth until they feel she's big enough to handle the closure surgery. So we keep on keeping on.

Update (4-8)

Karsie has been feeling much better lately. They have her on pain medication, which has helped tremendously, and she seems to be fighting off the bug as her gut is less swollen and is actually really soft. Right now they have her on 10 mL of pedialyte per hour and they will increase her 5 mL every other hour until she reaches 26 or so. They they will start to introduce her formula back into her feeding. If our math is right that should put us into early tomorrow morning assuming she handles all of it. Also, there is talk of changing her formula a bit. That probably won't do much to Karsie, but our insurance provider will be much happier.

We did have to cancel all of Karsie's appointments today, but there is hope still. When we called to get a hold of the plastic surgeon, it sounded like it was possible she might stop by at some point today if she has time. Who knows if that's going to happen, but her secretary seemed to think it was a better than average chance. If she can't we'll just have to reschedule, which would be a bummer since we're ready to get this show on the road.