Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evening Update (6-25)

Michelle has had the frequency of her contraction checks reduced.  Since she has slowed down significantly the doctors feel there's not a necessity to check her every six hours, but now every 12.  This might be a sign that Michelle might get to go home.

Michelle has also been diagnosed with a strand of strep.  This is a common bacteria that is present in about 50% of pregnancies and she is now taking antibiotics to fix that.  

Our anesthesiologists are okay to have two people present with Michelle in the operating room, but we still have a few people to convince.  Hopefully when all is said and done, this can happen for us.  

Visual Visit

Morning Update (6-25)

No big news is good news.  We did have a sonogram today with a new doctor and got some great pictures!  We should have those up by the end of the day or early tomorrow.  

The doctor did find a new thing which is a blocked tear duct.  He reassured us immediately that it was a non-issue.  They would just unclog it when she is born.  The fluid has not moved at all still and she is still kicking like crazy and moving around, which every doctor is thrilled when they find that out.  

The rest of the day should be pretty slow...finally...but if something comes up we will let you know.  We have our favorite nurses with us today and maybe tomorrow.  Their names are Kristina and Elaine.