Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's Home!

It took a little longer than expected, but we're home.  Karsie is currently happy in Nana's arms as Michelle is "nesting" and Kevin has just finished carrying the entire hospital into the Royals' house.  We are getting a visitor bringing many supplies to do Karsie's dressing change and feeding, but they weren't coming until 6, which meant we had to wait until at least 3 because she needed to be fed, which really meant 4:00 because it takes an hour to feed.  Add in paper work and more paper work, it took us a little bit.  But all is well in the house of Turner (and Royal).  Now begins a new chapter of normal parenting worries as the training wheels are now off!  Love you all!

Breaking Out at Four

It's official. Karsie will be coming home today. She will feed at 3:00 and then we will leave right afterward. Thank you for all the prayers. Now we move on to the next phase, but this phase will be done at home.

Homecoming Explained

We realize there wasn't much information regarding her discharge, and updates haven't been real frequent lately, so here's the scoop:

Karsie has been having amazing days lately.  She has all of a sudden started to gain lots of weight. Over the past week or so she has about averaged her goal at around 30 grams per day of weight gain (except tonight which is a prayer request we will get to).  We had been hearing rumors for a couple days that we were within a week or so of discharge.  

We have been also excited at Karsie's eating habits.  At one point this past week she was taking close to 50 mL of breast milk orally.  She has slipped a bit from that, but she is still doing quite well.  

Anyhow, we knew the doctors had a meeting today to discuss all of the patients one by one (as they do every Tuesday) and we knew we were going to come up.  Everything had been going well and we felt like the hospital wasn't doing anything that our pediatrician couldn't do.  We thought they were going to give us a date in a few days, but instead they came in and said "So, do you want to take her home tomorrow?"  Like we would say no to that.  

We have a prayer request.  Of all nights to lose a bunch of weight Karsie decided to do that tonight.  Her trend is still good, which we think overrides one day's worth of data, but it's still making us nervous that they will look at the one day and decide to hold her day to day.  The good news is that this is her pattern.  She grows and grows and then loses, and then grows and grows and then loses.  We hope they see this and pray that they still let her come home.  She does need to continue to grow, but all of her treatment can be done at home, and all of her orders can be done by our pediatrician.  

We will keep everyone posted tomorrow as it will be a long day getting everything ready and done.  We hope to have our little one where she belongs tomorrow:  with her parents.