Friday, May 29, 2009

My Daughter and Metallica

Kevin here - As a proud father to be, I have to share a very exciting experience with all of you on our way home from San Diego today.  I struck up a few songs of Metallica's new CD and Karsie immediately went to kicking and rolling around so much so that Michelle could not deny Karsie's enthusiasm. She really seemed to kick around the guitar solo parts, so we have a little rocker inside.  But, she also used both hands and feet, so she might be a little drummer (a la Karen Carpenter).  I can't wait to let her listen to some of the old Metallica material.  How old is it appropriate to take her to a concert? 

Post Appointment

First of all, we love Dr. Cousins.  He has the best bedside manner of any doctor we have seen so far (and many have had good bedside manner) and seemed to know exactly where we were in our stage of this process.  The first thing he did was go through our situation as it stands to make sure he had all the information right.  Then, he did a quite thorough investigation of Michelle herself. He has been the first doctor to do that.  Then he did a quick sonogram just to check some of the basics.  Finally, he sat down and answered many, many questions.  Here is what we know so far:

-Michelle will indeed have a C-Section
-Our goal is to go as close to term as possible (38-39 weeks).  That puts us around August 10-15.
-There are no physical limitations at this point for Michelle
-Bob will most likely not shrink, but the good news is that it probably won't grow either
-There will not be anything genetic that will pop up
-We will need to meet with our pediatric surgeon soon to get some of our questions regarding the process after birth.  Cousins will deliver Karsie and then pass Karsie on to the surgeon.
-At 32 weeks Michelle will start stress tests which she will go in two times a week to measure the progress of the pregnancy in order to anticipate premature labor.  That's in about 4 weeks or so.  Thank goodness we have the summer off!
-At week 37 or 38 we will have another amnio test to see how Karsie's lungs are developing.  
-Michelle is starting kick counts this week.  She needs to count every night to make sure Karsie is kicking at least 10 times in a span of an hour.  She started tonight.  It took about 35 seconds 
to feel 10 kicks.  

All seems to be going well.  We have another appointment in about 2 weeks.  Michelle will be moving to San Diego next weekend.  We will continue to keep all of you posted on our progress.  

Could be Feast, Could be Famine

We are in the waiting room...again...waiting for a meeting with our perinatologist. We believe that this will be a brief question and answer session and nothing more, but we may be surprised. We'll let you know.

This could answer a ton of questions or it could be the famous "we'll have to wait and see" answer. Here's hoping that's not the case...