Friday, May 29, 2009

My Daughter and Metallica

Kevin here - As a proud father to be, I have to share a very exciting experience with all of you on our way home from San Diego today.  I struck up a few songs of Metallica's new CD and Karsie immediately went to kicking and rolling around so much so that Michelle could not deny Karsie's enthusiasm. She really seemed to kick around the guitar solo parts, so we have a little rocker inside.  But, she also used both hands and feet, so she might be a little drummer (a la Karen Carpenter).  I can't wait to let her listen to some of the old Metallica material.  How old is it appropriate to take her to a concert? 


  1. That's awesome Kev! Congratulations! :)

  2. My first concert was Frank Zappa at age 5, but I wouldn't recommend that. :-)

  3. Hm. Karsie seems to like it loud, so maybe if we can't get her to stop crying one night we'll have to find them playing and take her. We can smuggle her in under Michelle's dress so she isn't charged.