Monday, June 22, 2009

Prayer Needed...Again

This just seems to be the way things go for us and Karsie. If we went in and they told us everything looks normal it would be wierd.

When we went in today for our ultrasound the tech said that she saw some fluid in Karsie's abdomen. She called it Acites (I can't spell check this as I am on the phone). When we saw the doctor he confirmed the diagnosis and explained it to us.

Basically fluid in the abdomen is a bad thing because there is an abnormality that is causing it and not flushing it out. If it stays in the intestines that is the best case scenerio. They will drain it at birth and fix the problem. The more serious issue can have to do with the heart. It can be a sign of deterioration of her heart if it starts to move up. The fluid does not cause the failure but is a sign of it.

We are being monitored daily to see if the fluid is stationary or moves. We want it either to be stationary or just go away completely. Because it looks like we will be giving birth prematurely Michelle is getting rounds of steroids to help Karsie's lungs develop faster, so she is admitted for a few days to the hospital.

We just need lots of prayer support. We are now in the middle of a rock and a hard place. On the one hand we want to have Karsie in as long as possible, but we don't want to keep her in too long that the surgeons cannot repair the problem. Thank you guys!


  1. Matt and I are well as all your friends in Bako. We love you!

  2. If there is anything you need in the coming days or weeks, please let us know.