Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Results Part I

Dr. Saenz just called.  The good news is that it still doesn't appear to be an obstruction, so surgery for that is probably not in the picture.  However, it did show lots of air/gas all the way through and the lining is thickened. So something is keeping it in there, but we're not sure why and they're trying to find out.  

The long term prognosis is unclear but tomorrow the studies continue.  Karsie will have an upper GI and the goal is to see what the anatomy is like.  Saenz thinks the problem is mechanical, so this may lead to some kind of tube going directly into the stomach.  It may be a lot of things, but until it gets fixed none of those things are good.  

1 comment:

  1. It make sense that the problem is mechanical, as her gut is not normally placed.
    I am not sure if that is particularly good or bad, but mechanical things tend to be fixable in many instances.
    So I am thinking positively....it might take surgery, it might take, what, time? Creativity?
    More meds to enhance motility....more pressure on her abdomen.....less pressure on her abdomen....???
    You have very smart doctors & nurses working on the problem.
    You have God in charge.
    You have so many prayers from so many people too.

    And for sure you have tons of love from me.
    Jen x