Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just a quick update...
Last night around midnight Karsie had a tube (larger than her feeding tube) placed from her nose into her stomach to try to deflate the bowel and empty the stomach. That tube produced some pretty icky stuff. It was a yellow/brown fluid that looked like poop... possibly backing up into her stomach as a result of a blockage. Since the initial stuff came out, nothing else has come out of the tube.  Not good news.
Another concern last night was that her blood cell count was lower than normal.  Because it looks like she will be going through tests and many more pokes, she received a unit of blood which helped bring her red blood cell count up. She is also getting IV antibiotics. Last night her CRP (test that shows infection) was about 12 which is high and this morning it was down to about 8. This means she is reacting well to the antibiotics. Her white blood cell count came up (another sign of possible infection).

This afternoon she will be getting a CT scan to try to get some pictures of her abdomen.  This seems to be our best shot at determining whether she has an obstruction or not. Unfortunately, she will have to be sedated for this. She might also have to be intubated (put back on the ventilator). The intubation would only last as long as she is sedated. While sedated, she will also have a PICC line placed so it will hopefully be still enough for them to put in the line without blowing a vein. If the CT results are inconclusive, then she will have the GI study (a barium swallow and a barium enema) that tracks fluid through a series of x-rays to see if they can see any kind of blockage.  

Again we're torn on how to feel.  On one hand we hope that they find nothing and she is not obstructed.  However, that means there is something else wrong and this guessing is not fun. On the other hand if they find that it's a blockage, it's at least an answer to why this is happening, but it's a scary answer.  There's no real way to hope here other than wait and see and then hope for the best outcome from whatever is determined.  

You are loved Karsie.  Show us your fighting spirit yet again... 


  1. Garrett and I just sat on the couch and prayed for her. We love you and are lifting you and your emotions up in prayer.

  2. I can't even imagine how you feel, reading this brings tears to my eyes. I hope the next post is that the doctors found the problem and it is an easy fix. Stay strong and fight like Karsie does :) Cory

  3. Ugh. I've had a barium enema before. :( I agree with Our Family and hope that your next post is that they know what's wrong.

  4. Thank you for sharing this update with us. Greatly appreciated. Helps me know how to better pray for Karsie.

    I can't tell you how many hours I have imagined myself holding dear little Karsey Gene in my arms, as I lift her up to God so that His healing touch may rest upon her. While I have continually prayed for her healing, I have also found myself praying, lately, that through this experience both of you will be brought closer to the heart of the Father.

    May you find your strength in God. May He place upon your hearts and minds courage to continue on, with the hope that this little girl will be a testimony to the goodness of God.

    Many blessings to all of you,
    Arlette Pollard
    (a woman in my choir, at SBPC, asked us to pray for Karsie Gene a few months back. God laid it upon my heart to pray for her, and I have been faithful to His call)