Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Our internet has pooped, so our report is late and by phone. Disregard the typos.

Karsie spent the day digesting barium, which is what we all want to do on a Wednesday when we want to relax: try to break down the atoms of a metal. The only real news that we got was what was overheard and it wasn't really news. However, our surgeon has scheduled a family conference tomorrow at 3:00 to talk with us. That could be good or really bad.

We have a feeling we are going to be given options of a few surgical procedures we can do to help Karsie's digestive issues. But we honestly have no idea.

The good thing about the barium study was that it gave a series of pictures that the doctors can use to see how Karsie's process goes. Hopefully that gives them anotomical information to figure out what's going on. The last picture was taken at 700 p.m. so we have no information as to what was learned.

We'll know more after out meeting tomorrow...

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  1. I am holding you all up in prayer and giving it to God I will certainly be thinking of you at 3PM. Jesus is holding Karsie in the palm of His hand.