Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It has been a while since we have had the ultrasound, but it has also been a while since we have had the time to update.  

The good news is that the fluid has not moved.  This will be monitored everyday until the end of the pregnancy (or that is what was communicated to us).  Since it seems that the contractions are able to be controlled the fluid is our main concern now that we are actually at the hospital.  

The not so good news is that we will probably be here for the rest of the pregnancy.  It's probably not so much bad news is that it is a bummer that Michelle can't enjoy some days in San Diego before delivery.  However, if this is safer, it's better.  

We will be visited tomorrow by our surgeon.  We were able to get Dr. Saenz as our surgeon and he will be here tomorrow to give us a consult.  Being a Harvard grad we at least feel like we're in good hands.  At least the pieces of the information puzzle seem to be coming together.  There seems to be a plan and a team ready to tackle Karsie's birth.    

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