Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mid Morning Update (6-23)

We just got finished talking with the nurses about our plan for the day.  At this point we will be giving Karsie more monitoring to see how her stress level is.  So far, she's a trooper.  Very relaxed and happy.  That's a good sign.  

We will also be monitoring Michelle again for any signs of contractions.  The nurses told us that even though Michelle has had some contractions they are not real worried because her cervix is still very long and thick (for those of you like Kevin that don't know what that means, for lack of better words it means Karsie is being blocked still by a strong barrier).  We may get to be discharged if they die down or are able to stabilize the contractions with medication.  Even if we are discharged we will have to make frequent visits to be monitored for the rest of the pregnancy.

Finally, we are waiting for doctors and surgeons to come talk to us about the fluid in the abdomen.  Hopefully we will have them talk to us about that and do some more testing, but the nurses do not know their schedule, so it may just be a surprise drop in at some point during the day.  

Michelle was a little high again on her blood sugar, which again is normal with the medication, so she had another shot :(.  Everything else is status quo at this point.  More to come when we hear.


  1. Yay for doctors and their silly schedules! Hope they don't keep you waiting all day. Sorry you had to poke yourself Michelle...hope they gave you the good needles! :) Still praying(even with my eyes closed Kevin!)
    -Sarah & Owen