Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6-23 Morning Update

Not much sleep last night.  We were calm enough, but our neighbor seemed to have every machine go off multiple times during the night with frequent nurse visits that woke us up just enough to make it a little harder to go back to sleep.  However, we both got a couple of hours in.

The nurse just came in and after an hour of monitoring Karsie and contractions everything looks good for now.  Karsie has looked strong all night.  We are not sure what is next, but we will get an update we're sure when the nurse shift changes.    


  1. Kev, Michelle, and Karsie,

    Thank you for updating so often. I woke up at 4:30 (Garrett had a bad dream) and I almost got on the computer to check on Michelle & Karsie's status. We're still praying like crazy for your little daughter! Love you guys!

  2. Thought about you guys all night... thanks for the updates. Sorry to hear you got so little sleep. :(

  3. Hey, you got up with us :). The lady next door is having a hard time finding her baby's heart (well, the nurses are). The baby is fine, but they're not sure where he is to get a heart rate. Needless to say they have that heart sound monitor on full volume and moving it around. It sounds like when a little kid gets a hold of a microphone and blows into it. That's been going on since 5 or so and late last night. Plus, her IV goes out every hour and it beeps real loud until the nurse can come in to turn it off and give her a new one. I am very cranky :).

  4. Woke up praying for the 3 of you, and will continue throughout the day. Thanks for the updates. Love you guys.
    Patti King

  5. Thanks. We'll push through. Hopefully this lack of sleep will make it easier to lose consciousness tonight. We're expecting the new nurse to come in any minute and introduce herself.