Monday, June 7, 2010

Appointments: Day 1 - Followup

Today's appointment went well. Karsie worked for two hours with a nurse practitioner that took notes and played with her with all sorts of games that measured her development. You can see the paper notes here as Karsie is showing her balance while she plays with multiple toys.
She was tested on five areas: Receptive language, expressive language, cognitive development, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Our favorite test was a problem solving test. The nurse practitioner pulled out a rubber duck and covered it with a plastic, see-through case with one opening at the front, not the top. The goal was for her to work on finding the opening and reaching in to get it. Karsie bypassed the opening and went for brute strength. She put her hands in the case and pulled up as hard as she could. It surprised the nurse practitioner and Karsie pulled it up enough to get the duck! Way to go. Matter over mind.
Karsie did very well. She was in the average to above average ranges for all five categories according to her gestational age. Even her gross motor skills which we know are weak based on her lack of abdominal muscles. However, she's in the low average range based on her birth age. Still pretty good. The only concern was her head circumference size. They measured her and she was below the curve. She's met her developmental milestones, which is the most important, but it is something we're going to worry about. Tomorrow we see neurology, so he'll be able to tell us more about that. Hopefully it's not a concern.
Good job Karsie. That was a long appointment.


  1. Good job Karsie, that was a lot of stuff to do!
    Hope tomorrows visit goes well, too!

  2. It's amazing how far you've come, Karsie. Grandma T.