Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Hits from the Week

- Karsie got a new car seat this week. It sits up, and she's happy.

- We're on our way to see our pastor speak his final sermon as our pastor. We will miss him.

- Summer began for Kevin and Michelle. We now get to spend all day with Karsie

- Nana and "Grampa" came up for a wedding and were able to see Karsie

- Karsie's cough came back this week, so we've had to sit in front of the freezer a couple of nights when it gets bad

- Karsie got to go into work with Kevin for his final two days of the year. She got lots of attention.

- Time to prepare for our appointment blitz this week. We start tomorrow.


  1. So cool Karsie could go to work with you, Kevin. Like a Take-your-daughter-to-work Day. I bet it was special for your students, too. Grandma T.

  2. Ha! Actually, they only got a short glimpse of her on their way out for the summer. It was the teachers and staff at the school that got to see her most. But some did like seeing her if only for a bit.