Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Appointments: Day 2 - Neurology

As far as wait time goes for specialists, neurology takes the cake. Granted we've only been there twice, but each time the crowds are small and so is the time we have to wait.

Good news: Karsie graduated! The neurologist checked her charts, her reflexes, her vision, hearing, did a few muscle tests, and called it. She's fine. Then he did her head circumference and was dumbfounded. He kept checking the charts and his measurement and said it didn't make sense that her head was small, but given the fact that he only took two measurements it could be anything. Her size is still within the curve for preemies, but it didn't take the same slope as the previous measurement. The good news is that we had G.I. appointments and their measurements that are still connected to the same system to compare.

He was able to see the curve of her growth and he said it follows a good plane. Granted, last month's measurement is the same as the measurement today, but overall it seems to be doing well and he said he was not concerned, especially since she's been meeting all her milestones. Long story short, it really doesn't mean much, but we'll watch it.

Then he said he's good to let her graduate from neurology! Wahoo! Not that these appointments have been anything stressful but it's good not to have one more to go to, and the fact that Karsie is good enough to discontinue neurological services. That's a long way from where we started.

Next up: G.I. We'll be pushing for feeding changes and such, so it'll be interesting. One more...


  1. How fun she has graduated out of Neurology...amazing considering the 'talk/tests' when she was born! :) Way to go Karsie! Way to go God! Side note-is she wearing her new super cute dress from Old Navy? LOVE IT! Glad you are having a blast down in San Diego....don't forget to come back!

  2. What an answer to prayer...amazing recovery!!! Also, not sure exactly the circumstances of her head size, but all my kids are in the 15-20% for head size and they are fine :) The just have small heads like me! Cory

  3. She's under the 5% but she's in the preemie sizes, so that's always been the case. She's off the charts with normal head size and low for preemie. Oh well, she doesn't look like she has a small head, she's just teenie.

  4. Cousin Katie has always had a small head circumference and she's a bright one. Did not know if you knew that. Love you all, Grandma T.