Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. We might have to change Karsie's nickname from Bug to Scooter! She has learned the art of scooting. While laying on her back, she uses her little legs to propel her in the direction of her head. It is super funny to watch her try to get out of her play gym... or scoot all over the floor!

2. Karsie is quite the little chatterbox. She is getting more and more talkative. She talks to all her toys, to mom, the fan, dad, her feet, her food bag, anything in her line of site. She is especially talkative when she rides in her carseat. She has two toys that she tells all kinds of stories to!

3. We have been having some issues with Karsie's g-tube this week. It started leaking a little last week (meaning food would leak out through the hole in her tummy onto her skin). We always keep some gauze right there to absorb any possible leakage, but hardly ever have problems. So last week we changed the button (it was 3 months old and GROSS). The new one fit well but still leaked a little. We called the GI nurse and she instructed us to add another 1mL of water and then use an ointment to protect her skin. This has solved the leakage and Karsie's skin is thankful for the ointment!

4. Karsie doesn't like sweet potatoes. She gets the shivers with each bite. It is cute.

5. This morning... Karsie gave quite the toot... and then she laughed at it! When she is all grown up and reading this, I am sure it will be embarrassing... but I laughed SO hard when she laughed at her own toot. How hilarious is that!

Happy Weekend!


  1. So cute. I love when my daughter talks to stuff. It will be nice when I know what she's actually saying. Right now I think she's saying, "Oh, Mommy is so nice. Mommy is so pretty! Gosh, I love Mommy!"

  2. She takes after her grampa. You can which of the 5 comments I am referencing. - Nana

  3. Thanks for sharing so much of Karsie! I would love to rock and cradle her, but it sounds like she is beyond some of that and enjoying her own mobility! God bless her!