Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bug's First Disney Trip

Despite the massive amounts of rain, changing Karsie's nap schedule/routine, and even though we know that she won't remember any of this, Karsie had a great time at Disneyland yesterday. And so did we.

The picture that everyone has to get at Disneyland.

Kevin and his mom had to get a pass right away just inside the park and it started POURING. I believe you people that read this blog that live outside of California would just call it "rain" but for us that live here we call it the end of the world as we know it as it fills with water.

Karsie's first official Disneyland ride: Snow White, which in Kevin's opinion is the scariest ride in the world, but we subjected Karsie to it and she seemed to enjoy it. Kevin did take the time to teach Karsie about how noncompliant the ride is with the basic elements of plot in literature. He told her that the entire ride is rising action as the witch seems to be the main character, and it abruptly ends with "And they lived happily ever after" - never even mentioning the prince or showing Snow White after the witch was introduced. Karsie is now informed.

Karsie outside of Snow White.

Our next ride was Pinnochio, which we have no picture. We then went on the carousel. Grandma Turner has a picture of Kevin and Aunt Mandy on a horse at Disneyland, so we had to get this picture with Karsie. Karsie and Kevin actually rode on a bench along side of a guide dog named Cecil. But afterward we got this picture.

Grandma and Karsie on the Disneyland carousel.

We decided the ratio of wait time to ride time is the worst on Peter Pan. However, it was in line of this ride that we discovered Karsie has cut two teeth!!! She also fell fast asleep.

Karsie and Daddy in line for Peter Pan

Karsie, Kevin, and Grandma Turner after Peter Pan.

Where it all started. About 8 years ago Kevin proposed on this very bridge to Michelle. Now there is an addition to the bridge picture.

Kevin, Michelle, and Karsie on the "Wishing Bridge."

Nana met up with us in the afternoon and we walked over to California Adventures. We went to "A Bug's Land." We thought that was fitting as we call her Bug. We also bought her a hat since her hat we brought did not have warmers for her ears.

Nana, Michelle, and Karsie on some kind of Bug ride.

After a long day, after Grandpa Carlos joined us, we left to go see Uncle Todd and Aunt Christine. It was a very fun day!


  1. There's no n in Grampa Carlos

  2. I'm so excited that karsie is officially a Disneyland fan!!! Many more trips to co e!!
    Kevin, I agree with you on the Snow White situation...that is the scariest and most ridiculous ride at Disneyland!!
    Glad you all had such a great time!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad that Karsie loves Disneyland! I love that you took a picture on the bridge with her added in... that's really cool.

    Karsie: congrats on the new teeth! You're going to be running and talking before we know it!

  4. It was a great day for me, too! Grandma T