Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I meant to get this up last week... but Karsie has taken to scooting all over the place. In this situation... she had been playing in her gym for a few minutes... with her feet towards the kickboard (bottom) and her head at the mirror (top)... I went to grab her pears... and while I was in the kitchen, I saw her scooting around a bit... but then I came in and she was whining because she couldn't scoot any farther because she had run into the couch. I couldn't stop laughing. I have yet to catch the scooting on video... but I am trying!

The other big development is that Karsie has learned how to tolerate tummy time... she simply turns her head to the side and rests. This means that she is able to stay on her tummy for longer... but she isn't developing her arm muscles as well. We are encouraging her to go up on her arms... but we have a stubborn one who likes to fight us on this! We figure she will get there... she just likes to move at her own pace.

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  1. She is beautiful!!!! Hugs,hugs,hugs! Thanks for posting her tummy time. Is it strange for her to be on her tummy?