Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Karsie went to the doctors again today to continue getting her RSV shots. This was number 2 of 3. When there she was weighed, looked over, and given the shot. Other than screaming (which was promptly finished when she was picked up) everything went well.

Weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz!!! - This prompted the doctor to say "Wow. She really has been catching up. I'm curious to see what she looks like on the growth charts." For her real age (7 months/1 week) she is in the 5th percentile. This doesn't seem like much but it is huge. She has NEVER been on the growth charts for her gestational age let alone her real age. For her gestational age (6 months on Monday) she is in the 25th percentile!!! She's catching up.

Other things to be happy about: Obviously from the video yesterday she has started to figure out her legs. Yesterday evening we were holding her up and bouncing her and she was able to stand on her legs with minimal support for a few seconds at a time. So exciting!

Karsie has also been doing better with tummy time on her new mat. She is learning how to move her hands under her to support herself and look around. Most kids get this much earlier, but we think she's doing well considering she hadn't been put on her belly until she was 5 months old.

Things to still work on: Eating. Karsie is definitely taking advantage of her G-Tube, but she is learning to eat solids. So far she only breast feeds about once a day and she eats solids two times a day. Even though she attempts the solids she sometimes has a meltdown and will not eat or eats very little. It's still a bit of a struggle.

Karsie has been quite fun lately. She is really developing a personality. We went to get our taxes done yesterday and she waited in the waiting room and in the actual room for over an hour and just chilled. (P.S. What the heck California???? You sure as heck better balance that budget this year with all those crazy taxes we're paying) One funny thing that happened - not really funny but amusing to us - was she started to really gag hard in the waiting room in front of a bunch of people. Karsie gags pretty good about once or twice a day where she gets secretions in her throat that bother her and she can't cough it out. To someone that doesn't know Kasie's situation that had to look scary. Karsie had a couple while she was there and the people just stared at her for the longest time. We got a kick out of just sitting there nonchalantly and patting her back fully knowing that Karsie was okay, just working stuff up. Surprisingly enough no one made a comment or asked if she needed help.


  1. Good job, Karsie! Lily was actually overdue and is still only in the 10th percentile for her age, so I think Karsie's doing pretty darn well, if you ask me!

  2. About her weight... WOW! Yay! That is very exciting news. And it's also super awesome that she's doing so well with jumping/leg strength and tummy time!

  3. wow. I would have been beside myself. I probably would have asked if she was okay before I could even think the situation through. reflex. : )