Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Movin' On Up

On Tuesday, Karsie did pretty well!
She is now eating 67mL an hour with 25cal per oz. She is handling the increases very well. She is still having some spit-ups but well within her normal range (and mostly always when she is pooping). The plan is for her to condense again (30min of feeding and 2.5hr off) sometime today.
She is now taking 20-30mL from the bottle on a regular basis (and once she took 50). Last night she took 36 breast feeding too! She is working hard :) She is also growing... the other night she went all the way up to 3.305!!! This was an increase of 88grams in one day. It very well might be lower today, but even so, the trend is moving in the right direction. Her head and length both increased 1cm this last week also!
The Orthotics department at the hospital is creating a device for Karsie to wear in the car seat so she can use a regular rear-facing seat. They brought it by yesterday to try it on and it was just a tad snug. They are coming by again today and I will try to get a picture of it. It was inspired by a device made for another "O" baby (an article in a medical journal). It is a fancy foam doughnut that will go around pinky when she is in the car.
Finally, Karsie made the move last night to C-Pod. This is the step-down unit at Children's. She still has the same doctors and nurses, but is in a much larger room with way fewer babies! We LOVE C-Pod. There are only 10 beds in the whole giant area. It is much quieter and more spacious.
Nana is getting Karsie all settled in her new bedspace!


  1. Yay for Karsie's new digs! It doesn't by any chance have a big window through which she can be seen? :) Anyway, that seems like a big step in the right direction!
    Also, I'm very excited about her orthotic device and am so glad that it will enable her to ride in her normal car seat. Hooray for every step closer to getting to go home!

  2. Go Karsie Go! How exciting to be moved up. I remember when Blair got moved to her quiet pod. It was WONDERFUL! No checking in with the front desk on whether or not we could go back! SO NICE!

    Hugs- Tiff

  3. YAY! Is that her cool McClaren bouncer I see? Does she get to hang out in that now! Love that she gets a new space! :)

  4. Hello, wow is all I can say to God's awesomeness! I don't know you three, but I've been on my own journey with my husband through Trauma ICU in Las Vegas. Yesterday, Pastor Rob and Debbie came to visit us and told us about your journey and I've been looking at your pictures this morning. Karsie, you are adorable and God must have many plans for you, I am praying that you walk in all the glory of God's love. Mom and Dad, bless you so much and may you too see all the wondrous things God has in store.

    In Christ,

    Martha Johnson