Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Device...

Not much has changed today. Karsie is still on 1hr feeds and we are hoping that the spit-ups will decrease a little. Her Nurse Practitioner wanted to give her another 24 hours to see if she might have fewer spit-ups before condensing her feeding. No change in calories or amount either.
Her weight stayed basically the same, which is also ok, since the one night gain of 88 grams was enough to cover 3 nights growth!
The exciting news for today is that the orthotic device is almost ready. It was fitted again today and fits pretty well. The orthotist wanted to cut down a couple areas along the bottom and then add the strap. Tomorrow we will be testing it with her car seat to make sure everything fits!


  1. That's really cool!
    Is it time to play "Name that orthotic device?"
    I would say, "volcano," except that it's too many syllables. Maybe "the nest," since it kinda looks like she has a white egg in the nest?
    Anyway, I'm really thrilled that you're to the point where you'll be putting Karsie in the carseat, even if it's just for a test!

  2. I'm so glad that they are doing this device for you! How wonderful. She is so stinking adorable! LOVE IT!

  3. I agree-she is so stinkin' adorable! & I think we should call it the nest...goes along with the bird theme and all! :)