Friday, September 4, 2009

Karsie and Her Clothes

All is still going well.  Karsie's bump still looks great!  It's getting pretty dry and looks like it's healing quite nicely.  Her feeds are up to 3 times a day and she's handling them real well.  She is up to 14 mL an hour and will be at 15 tomorrow.  This was adjusted again today because when they have to bottle feed her, she has to have her continuous feed turned off an hour before and after.  Therefore, she has to make up all of the mL she is losing from that hour in the other hours.  In other words, we have no idea what her goal is at this point, but at some point she will be just bottle feeding.  She is probably going to be increased to 4 times a day pretty soon now. Breathing is still going well.  On to the next.  


  1. All of the pics from yesterday are so wonderful! Karsie is so beautiful, and it's just fantastic to see her being held and bottle fed. Also, yay for her getting to start wearing her cute clothes! :)

  2. Oh my gosh she is THE STINKIN' CUTEST THING EVER!

    Ever. The end.