Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Pinky" it is...

We know it's a half hour early, but we're going to call the name race:  Pinky wins!  For now, her bump will be called Pinky.  We say for now because we have gotten a lot of response from people who didn't realize that many of the names meant anything or stood for anything and they would have changed their vote.  We also have had a lot of other names sent to us (or attempted) after the deadline.  We definitely don't want to make this a huge ordeal because, let's face it it's not, but it was way fun, so we'll put up another poll in a few weeks with the other names INCLUDING explanations.  Our fault for not including that this time.  However, it was fun to have a little interactive website for a while.  We also thought of putting up a poll in a while about what her first halloween costume should be.  Thought that would be fun.  Love you all.


  1. Hey,
    I thought of another explanation for Morgan. "More gone". I thought it was cool.

  2. "More gone" is a cool idea. I also like "mound of organs" for Morgan. :)

    Anyway, I think the whole interactive poll thing was really fun, and you should totally do it again! I love the idea of a vote on Halloween costumes!