Friday, September 4, 2009

Brief Update (9-4)

We haven't gone it today yet, so we may have a lot more to say later on, but for now everything is status quo. When Michelle left yesterday, Karsie was on 12mL of breast milk an hour and if she is still handling it she will be increased to 13mL an hour. Her goal has been moved to 17mL an hour due to the fact that she is gaining weight, so in about 4 days, assuming there is no more significant spit up, she will be completely on breast milk: a major triumph for little Karsie. Breathing and bump (soon to be named "Pinky" it looks like) are still good. The newest part of the exposed skin actually looks a little better than some of the other parts. It looks very skin-like.

Also, we appreciate all the prayer for Kevin to start to feel better. He does. He is well and going down to San Diego this weekend. Hopefully, and we think this is the case, he was just very drained and started to feel a little vulnerable to being sick (which brought on some symptoms).

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