Friday, August 7, 2009

She Likes Her Mommy

Karsie was happy when Michelle came in and sat with her.  She was apparently pretty fussy for the day shift nurse, but when we got there and Michelle touched her, she calmed down and was that way until we left.  She has been weaned every gas she has done, which makes her down to 14.  
Karsie has also been taking her food fairly well.  She has been fed two times and done well on both. We'll see how it goes from there, but even if we have to stop for a bit, she is improving.  Her bowels need to wake up, so it's a slow process.  


  1. Karsie has a huge following of people who don't even know her, but care about her well being. My family has several "Prayer Warriers" who are visiting the blog and are in constant prayer for the healing of Karsie. God has truly blessed our world by giving us such a sweet, strong and determined little girl. Karsie is very loved. Praying...Gina Moore and Family

  2. i'm sure Michelle is thrilled that Karsie responds to the "mommy touch"!!! That makes me smile! We are so happy that your little one is doing so well! We miss you and love you!