Friday, August 7, 2009

Feeding Part II

Karsie still is having her tantrums, but she seems to be consolable after some work.  However, her stats and gases seem to be going well.  She is still on the new ventilator and her blood gases so far have been great.  She is being weaned off of that starting at 20 yesterday.  This new machine gives Karsie air pressure every minute so it is an easier transition, but it's still very bulky.  She has been since weaned to 16 and 10 is again our goal.  If she continues to produce such good gases she may not be on this one long.

Just before we left there was discussion about starting to try and feed her again with pedialyte. The only stats that have been not so good are her blood pressure and heart rate.  However, with the boosts of steroids just given, those are expected to be high.  Hopefully Karsie will just get some rest.  

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  1. Aha! So she is on nasal CPAP! (Continuous positive airway pressure)
    Cool. That's a step above being intubated for sure. It helps her to take a breath in with less effort, and helps her to keep her lungs expanded. The ventilator is continuously blowing air into her airway, so she can breathe more easily, in other words.
    Are they still delivering breaths too?
    Is she in room air, or still getting extra oxygen? I just wonder, but she is making progress, that's the most important thing.

    I hope the tries to feed her work. It might take a lot of tries, when things aren't where they are supposed to be, it is difficult.

    I do not blame her for being absolutely furious!
    Who wouldn't be, with tubes in her nose, stuff sewn over her tummy, things attached to or stuck into every available place! And NO MEALS!
    Poor little muppet.
    Of course she is ticked off.
    The world is going to make so much more sense to her when there are less icky, hurty things involved, and meals are provided.
    She cannot understand that everything possible is being done to get her to that happy place, and it involves icky, hurty things, and no meals for now.

    It is even worse for her parents, who feel everything even more acutely, and worry, and think into the future, and will remember.
    It is so good that she will not remember this.

    I hope you remember far better, when you are able to hold her and calm her and have the joy of her falling asleep in your arms, full and satisfied and content.
    I pray God brings all of you that, and soon.

    Love, Jen.