Saturday, August 8, 2009

Update (8-8)

When we came in today Jaime, one of our primary nurses that are fabulous, told us that she just conked out 5 min. before we got there but had been very angry since 7 o'clock.  However, the entire time we were there, which was about 2 hours, she was asleep and her vitals were great. We are thinking that we will need to be spending a lot more time there, even though it gets exhausting, because she responds well to someone other than the nurses soothing her.  She just needs to be held.

Concerning news:  She broke another stitch.  The surgeon came by and still though it didn't warrant a trip to the OR, but if this continues it will.  We hope that the stitch that broke was one of her stitches that was close to breaking already.  

Happy news:  She is on 10 on her ventilator.  She will be put on another setting on her current Ewok-looking thing that just gives her constant pressure (light).  If she does well on that she will be put on the nasal cannula, which is what she had for a day before she had to go back on. This time she should be able to stay on it because she has been much more slowly weaned. Also, she's continuing to eat!  We are a day away from giving her actual breast milk as long as she keeps doing well on the pedialyte.  

As long as she doesn't have to go to the OR (which means we start this whole ventilation process over again) things are going well - minus the angry girl sometimes.


  1. Yeah..for Karsie being down to 10!!! As far as needing to be held it is probably just a newborn thing more than being sick, because my baby(6months now) is just letting me put her down happily for more than 15 min. Hope this is releaving and not making you think "oh great, we have a ways to go" she just loves your touch and smell :) I am glad you both have the chance to soothe her like no one else can, that is why people usually hand crying babies back to mom & dad:)

  2. Argh! I am sorry she blew another stitch...I really hope she doesn't have to go back to surgery. But, if she does, then she does.

    You are comforting her and doing the best job any parents ever could!
    She is weaning off the CPAP pretty well, yes?
    She is tolerating the Pedialyte.....
    She is ticked when she has every reason, and responds well to comfort.
    Karsie is still doing vey well!

    Good job team!
    Love, Jen xxx