Monday, August 3, 2009

Evening Visit

Karsie is still doing well.  We think she's in a little bit of pain, so the nurses are pushing for a little more pain medicine given to her because she's getting fussy.  Plus, we think two of her stitches ripped from her Patch which may be a result of her being fussy.  However, the good news with that is even though it ripped, her skin has scabbed and started to heal under the rip, so nothing is exposed or leaking.  

Many of you have asked about the birth weight and length.  We will probably never know how much she weighed at birth, but we do now have stats.  She currently weighs approximately 5.5 pounds.  About a week ago they started to calculate her weight (in kilos) and each day she has gone up a tad.  She also is 46 cm long, which translates to about 18 inches.  Since her gestational age is just about 37 weeks, she's pretty long...and if you could see her feet, she might rival Shaquille O'Neal.


  1. Woohoo she can play basketball with London!!!

  2. Tall, pretty girl who's already sassy. Good luck in 16 years Kevin! =P