Monday, August 3, 2009

Sassy for Her Parents Already

A quick update on Karsie's PIC line.  Thankfully they didn't need to put an entirely new line in. They just needed to adjust it and it worked.  Maybe some of you parents of kids older than infants can sympathize with us, but why is it that they are perfect angels for complete strangers (or in our case NICU nurses) but like to fuss when you are around?  She was apparently a complete doll for the nurses who were moving a tube inside her body that goes into her heart for pete's sake, but when we change her diaper the world is ending!  

For medical news, she has been weaned even more off of her ventilator.  She is down to 18 bpm and if you remember, 10 is the magic number that they start to consider taking her off.  She is still peeing and pooping like a good little girl, so that means as soon as she stops producing such dark green bile, she will get to eat!  The doctors and nurses want to see clear to no liquid coming out of her stomach as that means liquids are passing easily through her system instead of coming back out (which essentially means she is throwing it up).  So as far as the praying goes we want her to be off the ventilator, her to produce less green liquid from her stomach, her infection to go away (which it is), and when she starts eating (possibly tomorrow) for her to take to it well.  The good news is that she is going to town on the pacifier even with the tube in her mouth, so transitioning to the breast might be easier than we though it might be.  Looking back after 2 1/2 weeks you know it's been an improvement when we are praying for these things instead of praying for her to make it through the night.  We feel very happy about that.  Thank you all!!


  1. Okay, I am praying for all of the above requests.

    She can't feel the PICC, it's inside a deep blood vessel where there aren't many nerves.
    However, she can definitely feel it when you are messing with her rear end and disturbing her!
    WELL DONE! All parents get to have their baby fuss over a diaper change! How wonderfully normal!
    I'll bet she settled down when she was clean & comfy?
    Yea....good job!
    And good job Karsie, on pacifier work. Good practise for later on.
    You are such good and loving parents, Karsie is so blessed!

  2. I had several people at church on Sunday come up to me and say, "I read about Karsie ALL the time. Please let them know that we're praying!" It made me so happy to know that so many people at our church here (and I know tons from our previous church) are praying for you guys.

    I love that she's sassy for you. They're always on their best behavior for strangers and, trust me, that's how you want it. :-)

  3. you three are in our prayers CONSTANTLY!!!!!! We love you!

  4. Dude! You guys have one tough little trooper! Sounds like something is acting like a little Fighting Irish!