Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Morning Update (8-4)

Karsie was still ticked when we went to see her this morning.  The day nurse also thought that she was in pain.  After a while, the nurse practitioner came by and ok'd the use of continual pain medication other than Tylenol.  She almost immediately seemed to calm down and her heart rate/blood pressure went down as well.  We also noticed that she is starting to get a little chunky...not puffy, but getting fat rolls.  

She was also weaned when we were there.  She is now down to 14 breaths per minute.  We hope that with a good day she may be off of the ventilator by tomorrow.  Hopefully for good.  She is still producing green bile, albeit a lighter color of green.  Therefore, her feeding will be pushed back a bit.  We'll update again some time tonight.  Sweet dreams Karsie.  

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