Thursday, September 15, 2011


While it's a necessary evil, it's still an evil. Karsie's button hole is not closing up. At all. So, the only option left really is surgery. Dr. Saenz will open her up at the omphalocele site, cut out the track between her stomach and her skin, and then sew them up separately (that's how we understand it). The hope is that she will eat enough to grow on her own.

Ugh! We're sick with worry but hopeful that everything will be fine. Please keep our Miss Karsie in your prayers on Monday morning.


  1. We will definitely be lifting your sweet girl up in prayer on Monday.

  2. We'll be thinking about Karsie on Monday. Ironically, we will be in Dr. Saenz's building for OT that morning. Two awesome "O" babies at Rady's on the same day...what are the odds. Sending you big hugs and prayers.