Monday, August 29, 2011

A Plug and an Update

This is probably just the second or third time we've used this blog for publicity, but since Kevin is the one we're publicizing, it may be okay.

During the past year, Kevin wrote a young adult book. Since he's a teacher, he has access to the opinions of middle schoolers. Long story short, he decided to write a book for that age, and it's now finished! At least, he's ready to share it. It's called The Magi.

Because it's so new, he's trying to generate a little buzz around it and obtain a small following so if and when it is published (either by a reputable publisher or on his own) there are people that know about it. So here's how you can help...assuming you haven't already:

1. Go to facebook (Kevin M. Turner) and become his friend.
2. "Like" THE MAGI SERIES (which is a page on his wall)
3. Go to the website and subscribe (everything's private) to get updates
4. (most importantly) If you know a young adult that would be interested in an adventure/fantasy book...or just likes to read, spread the word and have them check it out on the website. There will be writing samples up periodically.

To get an incentive to do all those things (which looks good for perspective agents), he is releasing chapters a little at a time based on how many people subscribe to the site.

We hope this isn't too out of line....

In Karsie news, she is having quite the up and down time. Her weight continues to maintain (at least it's not dropping) but she's not growing much. She is feeling much better but her gagging has come back. We think it's a result of the constipation setting off a spasm reaction.

We have an appointment soon w/ G.I. which will be scary as she hasn't grown and they said they'd put in an NG tube if she hadn't. However, we really think that they're very understanding and logical, so we have hopes that they will let her have another month. However, surgery is just around the corner, so she doesn't have too much time.

Until later...

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