Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello again.

We have had a hard time with getting pictures to the blog this month. Not because of a blog problem, but we have a space problem. Our computers are full. We've taken too many pictures!!! So needless to say, this blog won't have a picture.

Karsie turned 18 months this week! Where did the time go? We had a brief trip down memory lane the other day. We talked about physical therapy and occupational therepy and wondered what they would think of Karsie now. For their sake, we'll make a list of things she likes to do.

Physical: She loves to RUN. Everywhere. Climbing is coming, but with her big o' belly in the way it's hard for her to get up on things. But stairs or anything else she can get up, she'll do. She squats now and holds her squat when she wants to tinker with something on the ground, which is more that we can say for ourselves.

Occupational: She loves to play patty cake. We have her mark "it" with a T (for Turner) instead of B, and she does it. She loves to push the CD/DVD player button on Kevin's computer. Over...and over....and over. She can work our cell phones more than at a proficient level. In fact, she buys explicit music on Michelle's phone on the store. We're not even sure how she gets on. She loves to feed her baby and give her a bobby (that's a pacifier in Karsiespeak). She also loves to unravel the entire roll of toilet paper in record time.

Karsie just had her first ear infection. We thought it was strep at first, but it was a pretty nasty infection in her left ear. She didn't take a nap the entire day and only wanted to be held to fall asleep. Knowing what we know now, it makes sense that she didn't want to lay down. Poor thing hurt her ears like that. Tonight she has been much better.

So far, normal sick kid stuff. We haven't had any real excitement in a while, which we are praying stays that way (knocking on wood as we type).

Her favorite book so far is Goodnight Gorilla. On each page she can point to the gorilla, elephant, giraffe, the zoo keeper, and the lion. She can't say them, but she can point and calls the gorilla "Gogy." Well, it's time for bed. Hopefully she sleeps the night with her new ear medicine helping her.



  1. AW one of our favorite books!!!

    FYI on pictures, you can upload straight off the memory card so you don't have to load them to the computer. As for pictures, you can back them up online to temporarily relieve some space.

    She is too cute!!! And at that age where it's annoying/so funny later!!

  2. She is quite the darling girl! Thank you for posting! When does she see doctors again?

  3. We enjoy that book too!!! I laughed as I read through the blog...she is doing all the same things Rylee is doing at our house...except for the downloading of songs ;)